Railay thing to do - Thailand | qué hacer en Railay

Railay – Thailand Where is it? Why visit it? When to go? Things to do Where to sleep? Where to eat? How to get there? How to leave? Map of Railay My experience Where is it? Why visit it? It’s about a little peninsula south of Thailand, between Krabi cityRead More ➝

Fort Uitermeer, Weesp - Netherlands | bike route amsterdam

🚴 Route by bike In Amsterdam there are many forts spread by the city. They are part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam (in Dutch named Stelling van Amsterdam) and are protected by UNESCO. These forts weren’t very important, haven’t been used in combat service but they would have became a greatRead More ➝

cómo organizar un viaje a Tailandia | planning-the-trip-to-thailand

Getting ready for your trip to Thailand Before going Before travelling to Thailand you should check if you need vaccination, visa, to be careful with some zones, important phone numbers, etc. Maybe your country has a website with that information, it is usually the website of your country’s embassy inRead More ➝

Dark Deer - Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen | hiking Waternet

🚶 Hiking Where is it? It is located between Zaandvoor and Noordwijk. Maybe you don’t know or recognise the name of the place, it is written in dutch 😛. I give you two clues: many dunes and Waternet (it is a water company). If you live in Amsterdam you should knowRead More ➝