5 Important museums in Amsterdam

It’s hard to select only 5 important museums in Amsterdam, and more considering that I live there. There are more than 70 museums in the city, and I’ve visited the majority of them. Art museums like Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh or MOCO have become indispensable, and other historical museums like AnneRead More ➝

Rent a boat in Amsterdam | Alquilar un bote en Amsterdam

This is the best and funniest way to discover the city of Amsterdam. You need to rent a boat!! If the weather is nice, meaning it’s a sunny day and more than 25 degrees, you will see many boats on the canal and even people taking a bath in the AmstelRead More ➝

Tulips route by bike - The Netherlands | Tulipanes - Ruta en bicicleta, Países Bajos

 ? Tulips route by bike Are you thinking about going on a biking route in The Netherlands? I recommend you one of the most beautiful routes, one in which you can see the famous tulip fields! Nowadays, these flowers have become a national symbol (although they come from Turkey) so it’sRead More ➝

Castles Route De Haar Utrecht bike | Castles Hamtoren Haar SlotZuylen Utrecht | Ruta en bici - Castillo De Haar, Slot Zuylen y Hamtoren, Utrecht

? Route by Bike | Castles Route: Hamtoren, De Haar and Slot Zuylen – Utrecht The Netherlands isn’t only water canals, sand dunes, windmills…. This country hides a beautiful secret: its castles. Do you know that there are more than 100 castles in The Netherlands? Don’t worry, this route doesn’tRead More ➝

Bazar Amsterdam

I’ve always talked about routes because I love the sport, I love hiking… but life is not only about hiking! so today I’ll talk about good restaurants around Amsterdam. Restaurants in Amsterdam   *All the pictures have been taken from the Internet (from official restaurant website, restaurant facebook page) exceptRead More ➝

Klimmuur Centraal - Netherlands | climbing centers netherlands

Climbing in the Netherlands A very cold or rainy day is a perfect excuse to go to a climbing center! Everyone can do it! Children and adults! Like any sport you only need minimal physical qualities to practice and feeling good doing it. The most important factors are enthusiasm andRead More ➝

Hiking Amsterdam, deers | Senderismo Amsterdam, ciervos

? Hiking Where is it? It is located between Zaandvoor and Noordwijk. Maybe you don’t know or recognise the name of the place, it is written in dutch ?. I give you two clues: many dunes and Waternet (it is a water company). If you live in Amsterdam you should knowRead More ➝