Guía 2 días en Railay - Tailandia

2 days in Railay – Thailand Where is Railay? Why visit it? It’s about a little peninsula south of Thailand, between Krabi city and Ao Nang, on the coast of Andaman. This place is visited by many tourists. The majority is going there on tour and they only spend aRead More ➝

Sukhothai things to do - Thailand | qué hacer en Sukhothai

Sukhothai Historical Park – Thailand Where is the Sukhothai Historical Park? Why visit it? This park is located 247 km north of Bangkok, near New Sukhothai city. Here is located one of the most important archaeological site in Thailand. Its ruins are UNESCO declared World Heritage Site and its history isRead More ➝

Mercados Flotantes Bangkok, Tailandia

Floating Markets – Bangkok, Thailand [Updated 2019] Where are the floating markets? Why visit them? To understand why visit them? you need to know first what are they and the importance of those markets in the thai culture. Most of thai villages were built both sides of the rivers so theRead More ➝

Parque Nacional Khao Sok | Tailandia

Khao Sok National Park – Thailand Where is the Khao Sok National Park? Why visit it? It’s protected area located in the province of Surat Thani, on the south of Thailand. This park is divided in two: a jungle zone (Khao Sok) and a lake zone (Khao Lak). In this parkRead More ➝

Ciudad Histórica de Ayutthaya | Tailandia

Historic City of Ayutthaya | Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Where is Ayutthaya? Why visit it? This city is just 86 km north of Bangkok and it is one of the most important destination with historical interest in Thailand. In 1991 it was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. To understand howRead More ➝

Itinerario 2 semanas en Tailandia | Itinerary 2 weeks in Thailand

If after reading Planning the Trip to Thailand you need more help to plan your itinerary I leave mine here. I describe in detail my itinerary 2 weeks in Thailand included cities, flights, activities, where we did night and the map. Itinerary 2 weeks in Thailand March/April 2016 Day 1Read More ➝

Organizar un viaje a Tailandia | Planning the Trip to Thailand

Planning a Trip to Thailand [Updated 2019] Getting ready, before going Before travelling to Thailand you should check if you need vaccination, visa, to be careful with some zones, important phone numbers, etc. Maybe your country has a website with that information, it is usually the website of your country’sRead More ➝