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Vietnam Itinerary | itinerario Vietnam
Itinerary 19 days in Vietnam and Cambodia
This was our journey along Vietnam. We also went to Siem Reap in Cambodia to visit the amazing Angkor temples. I indicate cities, flights, activities, which places we visited and where we spent the nights so you’ll know how much time we dedicated to each place. At the end of this post, you'll find a map with the route, restaurants, ...
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days in Siem Reap| días en Siem Reap | Cambodia
Amazing Angkor Temples
Two, three or four days in Siem Reap - Note: I travelled in April 2017 - Most of the travelers spend two or three days in Siem Reap. Is this time enough to see everything? Well, let’s say that two days is the time required to see the essentials. Although, if you have more days, you can enjoy other activities and ...
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get around the Angkor Temples | cómo recorrer templos angkor
How to get around the temples
Getting around the Angkor Temples - All the options What are the best options to get around the Angkor Temples? It is the typical question when you are thinking of visiting the temples. In fact, I searched all the alternatives before going there. The choice depends on who you ask, so I tell you the pros and cons of every ...
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