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Hi, welcome to my blog!
My name is Lena, Malagueña at heart and Amsterdammer right now. Engineer, nature lover (I would spend all the day walking across the mountains) and sporty person (currently, I’m a kickboxing addict). Obviously, I love travelling. Planning my trips have become a gratifying experience, same as the trip itself. I don’t get tired of reading about other cities and the hidden wonders around the world. I try to know as much as I can the countries that I visit, so much that when I’m there, I don’t need a map!

And why do I write a travel blog? Sincerely, I didn’t want to write it (and even less in English ?). There are many blogs on the Internet, I didn’t think mine was going to bring something different. But my partner has been insisting on that during 2 years and, eventually, here I am.

This blog doesn’t intend to be a diary of my trips, I won’t tell you my life nor if I woke up at 8 am to take a train nor if I had a toast with butter for breakfast ?. On this blog you can find useful information, but not only based on my experiences. There are a lot of valuable, updated and verified information on the Internet, I’m talking about official webs. Many times, we don’t search or don’t find it. On these pages, I mix my experiences with information from these official webs, so you get the perfect site to plan your trip. You will see pictures, maps when I will indicate the different locations, routes in gpx, official and useful links, etc. All the necessary tools to plan a special custom-made and unique trip.

Why it is necessary to travel
They say the longest and most complicated trip to do it is the own life. That is true but if you add to it the knowledge of other cultures and their traditions, your vision about certain things changes, you think in a different way and your life gives small but important changes.

I encourage you to travel. You don’t need a luxury trip, just get out of your comfort zone at least once. For sure there is a place, not far away where you can absorb a different culture. It isn’t about breaking away from work, it is about improving as a person. I assure you it will be the most valuable lesson you have learned.

Here you can find the map of my life in trips. From every place I always learn something, take something to remember. Because everything look different after you come back ?

‘Travelling enriches the soul, teaches tolerance, frees of prejudice and fills you
with experiences which provide happiness. Go travel.’
– Lena

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