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Tulips Route by bike – The Netherlands

 ? Tulips route by bike

Are you thinking about going on a biking route in The Netherlands? I recommend you one of the most beautiful routes, one in which you can see the famous tulip fields! Nowadays, these flowers have become a national symbol (although they come from Turkey) so it’s a must-see.

But, where is the best place to see them? It’s in the Bulb Region, around these towns: Lisse, Noordwijk, Hillegom, and others nearby. So, the route I recommend goes along this area. In fact, the well-known garden called Keukenhof is located in Lisse. This place has 32 hectares of flowers, surprising inspirational gardens, a special Tulip mania exhibition at the Juliana Pavilion, etc. It’s an option to see tulips by foot. You can read more about the garden on the official page.

I provide you a gpx file so you can easily follow the route using your mobile phone. You just keep in mind that the best months to see them are between March, April and early May, although it depends on the weather of that year. Don’t worry, I will give some tips to know the best weeks to do the route ?

Tulips fields - The Netherlands
Tulips route by bike - The Netherlands
Tulips fields - The Netherlands

Tips for the tulips cycling route

1. The best time to see tulips.

The flowering usually begins at the end of March, there are some webs where you can check the status of the flowers:
– This page from Tulips in Holland website: Weekly tulips and flower update.
– The next website informs you about the locations where the most beautiful fields are flowering. I think it is a new website, maybe available since last year: Flower Radar.
Flower Map 2020 on Google Maps where you can check the location of the flower fields.

2. Windy Day.

When you go by bike, the wind can be very annoying. After several experiences, I can say that, if the wind blows stronger than 30 km/h, going by bike is unpleasant. That is not common in April or May but it’s worth to mention it just in case.
Tip: choose a not very windy day.

3. Book a bike in advance.

If you want to rent a bike you have to do it in advance because those days are always busy, and all the bikes may have been rented before you arrive.

4. Food, drinks, sun cream and swimsuit!

I always take my own food, but there are some restaurants (and an ice-cream parlor) near the beach and other places in the way. Besides, if the weather is good you can take a break and swim in the sea (don’t expect the water to be warm).
I suggest you to bring a water bottle and sun cream because, although the route is not too long, you will need them.

5. Be respectful of the tulip fields.

I know it’s obvious but flower fields are private property, so please respect ‘do not enter’ signs and fences. If you are able to go into the flower fields (many are accessible), please be considerate of their hard work.

How to do the tulips route? – Map and gpx file

There are many possibilities to do a good route, with many bike paths and ways in this area. I show you mine on the map below. I suggest you to follow mine because it’s an improved version of an official route but, if you want, you can do some detours. It depends on how the flowering fields will be (you have already read about flowering in the tips).

Click on the next link to download the route we did, this includes all the points mentioned in this post. Keep in mind that on the map you see different colors and icons but on your phone app these characteristics might not be available. In your phone, points may only have one color and one icon.

The route starts in Noordwijkerhout at the rental shop called Rent-a-Bike van Dam. We did the route in a clockwise direction. The way goes along bike paths and narrow roads. Besides of tulips, we saw dunes and we took a break in the beach.

How do you use the GPX file on your mobile phone?

First, you need an offline map app which allows the GPX format. I use OsmAnd. The app hasn’t maps so you should download the map area of the route following its options. Next, you open the file with the app (you can send it by email and when you open it, the app should appear). You should check that you can see the route with your device. Now, you’re ready to use the phone as GPS!

Now, where do I get a bike? There are two options:
1. You can take your bike from home and start the route in the Hillegom Station. It means about 1,6 km more.
2. You can rent a bike in the shop Rent-a-Bike van Dam in Noordwijkerhout and start the route there, that’s what we did.

➽ More activities in the Netherlands on Extra Netherlands.

Tulips fields - The Netherlands
The beach - The Netherlands
Tulips fields, Campos de Tulipanes - Ruta en bici
Tulips fields - The Netherlands

Any contribution or question is welcome, please write a comment!



  1. thanks a lot. we would like to do this tour next weekend weather permitting.

    1. Author

      I hope you enjoyed the tour!

    1. Author

      Hi Mostafa, it depends on how many times you stop to take photos, see the fields and if you eat during the way. I would keep half day to do it in a relaxed way. Enjoy the route!

  2. Buen post! ? Vamos por allí a mediados de Abril y queremos ir desde Haarlem hasta Keukenhof en bicicleta. Quería preguntar si sabrías decirme si por el camino podremos ver campos de tulipanes?

    1. Author

      Hola Sara, me alegra que te guste mi publicación ? Es muy probable que conforme os acerquéis a Hillegom veáis campos de tulipanes, no se en que estado estarán. En las webs que menciono van indicando semana a semana el estado de las flores, consúltalas antes del viaje (ahora mismo aun no hay información al respecto pero la pondrán). He buscado alguna ruta que parta desde Haarlem y he encontrado esta: Route Haarlem – Noordwijk – Haarlem. No os la recomiendo entera porque me parece demasiado larga si no estas acostumbrado a hacer ejercicio (yo suelo recomendar entorno a 30 km máximo) pero podéis combinarla con la mía. Espero haberte ayudado y que esto responda tu duda. Saludos!

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