Sacred Mountains of China | Montañas Sagradas de China

Sacred Mountains of China

Reaching the top of one of these mountains has its reward. From there you’ll have great views, and you’ll able to go over the temples which the Chinese people go on pilgrimage. If you sleep on the peak, you’ll able to see a beautiful sunrise. You should visit at least one; you only need to divert from your route a little, there are several to choose from. Don’t you know what they are? There is a summary of how they came up or why they are a place for pilgrimage on Sacred Mountains, China – Wikipedia.

Climbing to these mountains isn’t difficult and you don’t need to be in good shape. Many of them have a cable car so that you won’t climb eternal stairs. In other mountains may be another transport. Although the most exciting experience will be to climb the long stairs.

If you like climbing and you’re fearless, you should go to the Hua Shan Sacred Mountain. There is a globally-known path to climb to the top called “Soldier’s Path”. It’s one of the most dangerous trails in the world. You can find out more information in the list below and from some pictures here:

Hua Shan | Montañas Sagradas de China
Hua Shan | Montañas Sagradas de China
Hua Shan | Montañas Sagradas de China
Hua Shan | Montañas Sagradas de China

I’ve elaborated a list with the information you need to prepare prior to your visit to any of the Sacred Mountains: several links with the official site (if there is any), information, opinions and the Unesco web page if the mountain is included in the oorganisation

Ah! One important thing, ‘shan’ means mountain so if you read ‘Tai’, ‘Taishan’, ‘Tai Shan’, ‘Tai Mountain’, ‘Taishan Mountain’… all of them are the same place.

Sacred Mountains of China

Hua Shan | Montañas Sagradas de China

The Five Great Mountains of Taoism (also called only ‘Five Great Mountains’):
– ⭐️ Tai Shan: Information Opinions Unesco 
– ⭐️ Hua Shan: Information Opinions
– Heng Shan (south): Information Opinions Heng Shan Sur
– Heng Shan (north): Information Opinions Heng Shan Norte
– Song Shan: Information Opinions

The Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism:
– ⭐️ Wutai Shan: Information Opinions Unesco
– ⭐️ Emei Shan: Information Opinions Unesco
– ⭐️ Jiuhua Shan: Information Opinions
– Putuo Shan: Information Opinions

The Four Sacred Mountains of Taoism:
– Wudang Shan: Information Opinions Unesco  
– Longhu Shan: Information Opinions
– Qiyun Shan: Opinions – Information: It’s located about 30 km of Tunxi, at Huangshan city. There are transport daily service between the bus station of Tunxi and the mountain. It takes around one hour.
– Qingcheng Shan: Information Opinions Unesco

➧ Other mountains also well-known:
– ⭐️ Huangshan (also called ‘Yellow’): Information Opinions Unesco
– Sanqingshan: Information Opinions Unesco
– Lushan: Information Opinions Unesco 
– Wuyi: Information Opinions Unesco

You can choose one of the options noted with a star ⭐️ or decide after reading opinions and seeing photos or choose one which is close to your itinerary!

➽ Maybe some of the official pages are only in Chinese, but don’t worry, Chrome helps you to translate them. Anyway, you’ll get the necessary information through the links that I’ve indicated.

The information about how to get there should be on the links called Information, but if it isn’t there,  you should search how to get to the nearest city (click on the town on the same page) or, sometimes, you can find the answer in the comments.

Map of the great sacred mountains of China

Don’t you find the mountain that you’re looking for?

If you think I should add one, tell me! Help me to complete and improve the list for others travelers to consult it. Thanks!

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