National Parks of China | Parques Nacionales y Reservas Naturales de China

National Parks and Nature Reserves of China

In China there are around 255 national parks/reserves. I’ve made a list of the most important and most visited ones. I haven’t found much relevant information about some of them, but you can do your own search, maybe you might be lucky. However, pay attention when you google some China places: many different places in China have the same name, but they’re in different provinces. In case you find the same place in two different locations, you need to double check it. In conclusion, it isn’t easy to make a list like this without getting crazy.

In the list, you’re able to find the official website (if the park/reserve has one) clicking on the name. The most popular ones have a star. Also, there are links to the Tripadvisor reviews; links to the necessary information about how to get there and more; and links to the Unesco web page if the park or reserve belongs to the organization. At the end, there is a map with the locations of each park/reserve (the numbering of the list matches the numbering on the map).

National Parks and Nature Reserves of China

  1. Nanling National Forest ParkOpinionsInformation
  2. Yanoda Rainforest: OpinionsInformation
  3. ⭐️ Changbai Shan Natural Reserve: OpinionsInformation
  4. ⭐️Jiuzhai Valley National Park (Jiuzhaigou): OpinionsInformationUnesco
  5. Chongzuo/Nongguan Ecological Park: OpinionsInformation
  6. Yadan/Yardang National Park: OpinionsInformation
  7. ⭐️ Zhangjiajie National Forest Park o Wulingyuan Scenic Area: OpinionsInformationMore informationUnesco
  8. Daming Mountain Reserve: Information
  9. Jinshagou Nature Reserve, Northern Guizhou: Some information. It’s home to a bamboo forest known as the Bamboo Sea (there is another Bamboo Sea close to Shanghai).
  10. Dinghu National Nature Reserve: OpinionsInformation
  11. Liupan Shan National Nature Reserve / Longshan Mountain: Information
  12. Shunan Bamboo Sea (Sichuan): OpinionsInformation
  13. ⭐️ Huanglong National Scenic Reserve: OpinionsInformation –  More InformationUnesco
  14. Mengda National Nature Reserve: OpinionsInformation
  15. Sanchahe Nature Reserve. It’s located 48 km north of Jinghong (Yunnan province). The most visited placeis The valley of the wild Elephants of Banna (版納野象谷).
  16. Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve: OpinionsInformation.
  17. ⭐️ Wolong National Nature Reserve: OpinionsInformation
  18. Zhalong Nature Reserve: OpinionsInformation
  19. Kanas Nature Reserve: OpinionsInformation
  20. Mai Po Nature Reserve: OpinionsInformation
  21. Suoxi Valley Nature Reserve: Information
  22. Horqin (Keerqin) National Nature Reserve and Momoge National Nature Reserve. They’re a wetland and a bird breeding area, respectively. Horqin is located on the border with Xianghai, at Inner Mongolia. Momoge is located northwest of Jilin. More information on International Crane Foundation and Siberian Crane Wetland Project – China.
  23. Xianghai Nature Reserve: OpinionsSome information
  24. ⭐️ Shennongjia Nature Reserve: OpinionsInformationUnesco
  25. Wudalianchi Global Geopark: OpinionsInformation
  26. Five Finger Mountain (Wuzhi Shan): OpinionsInformation
  27. ⭐️ Tiger Leaping Gorge / Hutiao Gorge (Yangtze River): OpinionsInformation – Included in Unesco – Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Area.
  28. Stone Forest, Kunming: OpinionsInformation

Others areas protected by the Unesco:

➽ Maybe some of the official pages are only in Chinese, but don’t worry, Chrome helps you to translate.

Maps of National Parks and Nature Reserves

On the next map, you can easily check where are the parks and reserves, so you can choose the one that is closest to your route.

Don’t you find the park or reserve that you’re looking for?

If you think I should add one, tell me! Help me to complete and improve the list for others travelers to consult it. Thanks!


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