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Itinerary 20 days in China

It was or journey along China. I indicate cities, flights, activities, which place we visited and where we spent the nights so you’ll know how much time we dedicated to each place. Also, I’ve translated to Chinese all the places. At the end of this post, you’ll find a map with the route, the accommodation… and a couple of websites where you can check more ideas.

March 2013

Shanghai - China

Day 1 – Shanghai – 上海.

Time of arrival: 2.15 pm. Nanjing Road (南京路) and the Bund (外滩).
🌜 Night at Shanghai.

Day 2 – Shanghai

Jade Buddha Temple (玉佛寺). Shanghai French Concession.
Century Park (世纪公园). Jinmao Tower (金茂大厦).
🌜 Night at Shanghai.

Day 3 – Shanghai

Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar (豫园). People’s Square (人民广场).
Nanjing Road (南京路).
🌜 Night at Shanghai.

Day 4 – Shanghai

Travelling to Suhzou – 蘇州.
🌜 Night at Shanghai.

Pagoda Suhzou - China
Hangzhou Lake - China

Day 5 – Shanghai

Travelling to Hangzhou – 杭州.
🌜 Night at Shanghai.

Day 6 – Guilin – 桂林

✈ 11.05 am Flight to Guilin.
Diecai Hill (叠彩山). Longzhu Road (龙珠路). Solitary Beauty Peak (独秀峰).
🌜 Night at Guilin.

Day 7 – Guilin

Reed Flute Cave (芦笛岩). Seven Stars Park (七星公园). Fubo Hill (伏波山).
The Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas, Ronghu Lake (榕湖).
🌜 Night at Guilin.

Day 8 – Guilin

Tour to Longsheng Rice Terraces ( 龙胜 ).
Night market at Zhongshan Road (中山路).
🌜 Night at Guilin.

Longsheng Rice Terraces - China

Day 9 – Yangshuo – 阳朔

🚍 Bus to Yangshuo. Walk around the center: West Street (西街) and Diecuilu (畳翠路).
People’s Park (人民公园). Musical night show on the Li River: Impression Sanjie Liu (印象刘三姐).
🌜 Night at Yangshuo.

Day 10 – Yangshuo

Route by bike along the Yulong River (遇龙河).
🌜 Night at Yangshuo.

Day 11 – Yangshuo

Moon Hill (月亮山). Big Banyan Tree (大榕树).
🌜 Night at Yangshuo.

Hiking along Li River - China

Day 12 – Yangshuo

🚍 Bus to Yangdi. Hiking from Yangdi (杨堤) to Xingping (兴坪) along the Li River (漓江).
🛥 Bamboo from Xingping to Yangshuo.
🌜 Night at Yangshuo.
📕 More information on: National Parks and Nature Reserves of China.

Day 13 – Xi’an – 西安

🚍 Transport to the Guilin Airport.
✈ 4.30 pm Flight to Xi’an.
🌜 Night at Xi’an.

Day 14 – Xi’an

Traveling to Huashan Sacred Mountain (华山).
🌜 Night at Xi’an.
📕 More information on: Sacred Mountains of China.

Day 15 – Xi’an

Muslim Quarter and others areas. Shaanxi History Museum (陕西历史博物馆).
✈ 9.05 pm Flight to Pekin.
🌜 Night at Pekin.

Day 16 – Pekin – 北京

Beihai Park (北海公园). Temple of Heaven (天坛). Hutong (胡同) Dazhalan. Tiananmen Square (天安门).
Night Markets: Wangfujing Dajie (王府井大街) and Dónghuamen (东华门 大街).
🌜 Night at Pekin.

Day 17 – Pekin

Traveling to the Great Wall (长城): Mutianyu Section (慕田峪).
🌜 Night at Pekin.

Day 18 – Pekin

Forbidden City (紫禁城). Silk Street/Xiushui Jie Market (秀水街商场)
🌜 Night at Pekin.

Day 19 – Pekin

Drum Tower (鼓楼) and Bell Tower (钟楼). Hutong (胡同) Shichahai (什刹海). Houhai (后海) Lake (湖).
🌜 Night at

Summer Palace - Pekin, China

Day 20 – Pekin

Summer Palace (颐和园).
(The return flight is at dawn, so we do not do night here).

Day 21 – Pekin

✈ 1.30 am Flight back home.

🌏 Google Maps with the itinerary, accommodations, transportation, etc.

Do you need more ideas? There are a couple of websites where you can find places to add to your itinerary:

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Do you know other websites where travelers can find helpful travel itineraries? Let me know and, after check over them, I’ll add them to the list!

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