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More than 100 things to check! – Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist

Yes, you have read correctly, there are more than 100 things you should check when you pack your bag! Obviously, you don’t need all of them but it’s extensive so it can be useful for everybody. You might travel for a month or only a weekend, you might be a backpacker or maybe not. Therefore, the list is exhaustive, I like to call it: the definitive list to prepare the travel luggage. For me it’s perfect, I only need to print a page instead of preparing a list every time I travel ?.

In this list, you can see some elements that you have never needed or you would never think to take, but I’m sure you have carried most of these elements at least once. For example, I have never carried perfume, jewelry, hair iron or travel pillow… but for somebody, these things can be essential. The stuff you decide to take depends on the destination, the activities that you will do, the length of travel and your necessities. Keep in mind that you can buy extra things during the trip so, if you forget something, don’t worry. Pay attention to Important Documents and Technology sections because they are the only list elements that you can’t buy (or are more expensive).

After you print the document, take a look and cross out ❎ the elements you won’t need. You should prepare the rest of the elements several days before, it’s good in case you need to buy/make something in advance. Finally, when you’re packing your bag, take the list and check ✅ one by one while putting it inside your luggage.

Ah! If you’ll go camping or you’ll do some special activity which requires specific equipment, maybe you need to add more elements to the list (for example, if you will dive, you need your diving certification, and if you’ll go camping….you will need many more things!).

Do you miss something in the checklist? Should I add some lines? You can tell me what I should add through the comments and improve the checklist! ? Thanks!


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  1. I always forget things during packing. You provide a wonderfull list. Thanks for sharing. These are the most important things which every traveller should carry.

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