Getting Around Vietnam | Guia transporte Vietnam
Vietnam Transportation Guide
Getting Around Vietnam There are many options to get around Vietnam: airplane, bus, train, motorbike, private transport, bike. I indicate ...
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Sapa Dong Van, Ha Giang - Vietnam | Sapa Dong Van Trekking
The best of northern Vietnam is not Sapa
Dong Van and its incredible Karst Plateau Geopark - Ha Giang - Note: I travelled in April 2017 - On ...
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Bunker Wn81 1 M178, Atlantic Wall - IJmuiden | route atlantic wall netherlands
Coming back to the past: Ruins of Brederode Castle and the Atlantic Wall – Velsen
🚴 Route By Bike During the route, you'll discover part of the Netherlands history. Principally it's about Second World War. You'll ...
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Sacred Mountains of China | Montañas Sagradas de China
Sacred Mountains of China
Reaching the top of one of these mountains has its reward. From there you'll have great views, and you'll able ...
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National Parks of China | parques nacionales china
National Parks and Nature Reserves of China
In China there are around 255 national parks/reserves. I've made a list of the most important and most visited ones ...
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China Itinerary | itinerario China
Itinerary 20 days in China
It was or journey along China. I indicate cities, flights, activities, which place we visited and where we spent the ...
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Imagen Travel Checklist
More than 100 things to check!
Travel Checklist Yes, you have read correctly, there are more than 100 things you should check when you pack your ...
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google maps trip offline | mapas google viaje offline
Take my Google maps for your trip and check them while offline
In this post, I'm going to teach you the steps to download and use my maps (or any) made with ...
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Imperial Tombs, Hue - Vietnam | gpx recorrido moto tumbas imperiales Hue
Imperial Tombs
Route by motorbike along the mausoleums - Hue, Vietnam - I travelled in April 2017 - The best way to ...
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Railay thing to do - Thailand | qué hacer en Railay
Climbing and beautiful beaches
Railay - Thailand Where is it? Why visit it? When to go? Things to do Where to sleep? Where to ...
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Vietnam Itinerary | itinerario Vietnam
Itinerary 19 days in Vietnam and Cambodia
This was our journey along Vietnam. We also went to Siem Reap in Cambodia to visit the amazing Angkor temples ...
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Tips trip Vietnam | consejos viaje Vietnam
Tips to plan your trip to Vietnam
More than three weeks ago I returned from my Adventure in Vietnam, 17 days along the country from south to ...
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Sukhothai things to do - Thailand | qué hacer en Sukhothai
The Dawn of Happiness
Sukhothai Historical Park - Thailand Where is it? Why visit it? When to go? Things to do Where to sleep? Where ...
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How to get to the floating market - Thailand | mercados flotantes Bangkok
Shopping on the river bank
Floating Markets - Bangkok, Thailand Where is it? Why visit it? When to go? Things to do Where to sleep? ...
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Khao Sok National Park activities- Thailand | qué hacer Khao Sok Tailandia
Get deep into the jungle!
Khao Sok National Park - Thailand Where is it? Why visit it? When to go? Things to do Where to ...
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Hairy Cow - National Park Zuid-Kennemerland | GPX Hiking national Park Zuid-Kennemerland
Awesome full of life forest – National Park Zuid-Kennemerland
🚶 Hiking Wonderful place to hike and enjoy the nature. It’s located between Haarlem and Zandvoort, 45 minutes from Amsterdam. It ...
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How to go to Ayutthaya - Thailand | Cómo ir a Ayutthaya
Historic City of Ayutthaya
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya - Thailand Where is it? Why visit it? When to go? Things to do Where to ...
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Klimmuur Centraal - Netherlands | climbing centers netherlands
Climbing to the top of the Netherlands
⛰ Climbing A very cold or rainy day is a perfect excuse to go to a climbing center! Everyone can do ...
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Thailand Itinerary | Itinerario Tailandia
Itinerary 2 weeks in Thailand
If after reading Planing the Trip to Thailand you need more help to plan your itinerary I leave mine here ...
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Fort Uitermeer, Weesp - Netherlands | bike route amsterdam
Biking along forts and the Muiderslot Castle – Weesp, Muiden
🚴 Route by bike In Amsterdam there are many forts spread by the city. They are part of the Defence Line ...
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cómo organizar un viaje a Tailandia | planing-the-trip-to-thailand
Planing the Trip to Thailand
Before going Before travelling to Thailand you should check if you need vaccination, visa, to be careful with some zones, ...
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Dark Deer - Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen | hiking Waternet
So many deers! – Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen
🚶 Hiking Where is it? It is located between Zaandvoor and Noordwijk. Maybe you don’t know or recognise the name of ...
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Windmill - Netherlands | bike route amsterdam
Windmills, hills, dunes and beach – Alkmaar, Bergen and Egmond
🚴 Route by bike Yes, you have read correctly: hills! Obviously, I’m not talking a big mountain but this route pass ...
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Ko Wua Talap - Thailand
Spend a few days on a deserted island!
Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park - Thailand Where is it? Why visit it? When to go? Things to do ...
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