Extra Netherlands

Hi, welcome to my section about discoveries in the Netherlands! 🙂

This special section is different from the rest of the blog. It’s not about trips but related to excursions around the Netherlands which I’ve done. I live there and would like to share with you my experiences.

Netherlands is a really beautiful country. Every weekend I discover a new street market, a beautiful route by bike, a lovely city or simply a nice place. Obviously, if weather is too bad I stay at home with my blanket 😛. If you are a tourist or you live here like me, I’m sure you’ll find an interesting activity to do. If you are Dutch, maybe you already know all places. In any case, please share with me your comments! You can suggest me new places or activities, I’ll be glad 😊.

I’ll give you the necessary information to do the activity: address, how to get there, gpx route, websites, maps… and I’ll tell you a little bit of my experience.
You can search the activities:
by location in the map below
– find it by category (on the right column: Categories
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– click on this link to check all of them.

And the last important thing: Enjoy the activity! 🙂

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