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China Itinerary | itinerario China
Itinerary 20 days in China
It was or journey along China. I indicate cities, flights, activities, which place we visited and where we spent the nights so you'll know how much time we dedicated to each place. Also, I've translated to Chinese all the places. At the end of this post, you'll find a map ...
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National Parks of China | parques nacionales china
National Parks and Nature Reserves of China
In China there are around 255 national parks/reserves. I've made a list of the most important and most visited ones. I haven't found much relevant information about some of them, but you can do your own search, maybe you might be lucky. However, pay attention when you google some China ...
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Sacred Mountains of China | Montañas Sagradas de China
Sacred Mountains of China
Reaching the top of one of these mountains has its reward. From there you'll have great views, and you'll able to go over the temples which the Chinese people go on pilgrimage. If you sleep on the peak, you'll able to see a beautiful sunrise. You should visit at least ...
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