Castles Route De Haar Utrecht bike | Castles Hamtoren Haar SlotZuylen Utrecht

🚴 Route by Bike The Netherlands isn’t only water canals, sand dunes, windmills…. This country hides a beautiful secret: its castles. Do you know that there are more than 100 castles in The Netherlands? Don’t worry, this route doesn’t go across all of them 😛 but along 3 nice castles surrounding Utrecht: Hamtoren,Read More ➝

Fort Uitermeer, Weesp - Netherlands | bike route amsterdam

🚴 Route by bike In Amsterdam there are many forts spread by the city. They are part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam (in Dutch named Stelling van Amsterdam) and are protected by UNESCO. These forts weren’t very important, haven’t been used in combat service but they would have became a greatRead More ➝