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Hi, welcome to my blog about discoveries! 🙂

My name is Lena, Malagueña at heart and Amsterdammer right now. Engineer, nature lover (I would spend all the day walking across the mountains) and sporty person (currently, I’m a kickboxing addict). Obviously, I love travelling. Planning my trips have become a gratifying experience, same as the trip itself. I don’t get tired of reading about other cities and the hidden wonders around the world. I try to know as much as I can the countries that I visit, so much that when I’m there, I don’t need a map!

And why do I write a travel blog? Sincerely, I didn’t want to write it (and even less in English 😛). There are many blogs on the Internet, I didn’t think mine was going to bring something different. But my partner has been insisting on that during 2 years and, eventually, here I am.

This blog doesn’t intend to be a diary of my trips, I won’t tell you my life nor if I woke up at 8 am to take a train nor if I had a toast with butter for breakfast 😛. On this blog you can find useful information, but not only based on my experiences. There are a lot of valuable, updated and verified information on the Internet, I’m talking about official webs. Many times, we don’t search or don’t find it. On these pages, I mix my experiences with information from these official webs, so you get the perfect site to plan your trip. You will see pictures, maps when I will indicate the different locations, routes in gpx, official and useful links, etc. All the necessary tools to plan a special custom-made and unique trip.

A minor advice: this blog is not for tourists, it is for travellers. Not suitable for those who visit travel agencies, this is not for you 😛.

‘Travelling enriches the soul, teaches tolerance, frees of prejudice and fills you with experiences which provide happiness. Go travel. ‘ – Lena

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