Nice Restaurants in Amsterdam

I’ve always talked about routes because I love the sport, I love hiking… but life is not only about hiking! so today I’ll talk about five good restaurants around Amsterdam.


This restaurant is my favorite! Several months ago they moved to a new and bigger place. It’s located in the center of Amsterdam, close to Dam Square. There are a lot of ‘tapas’ to choose but aren’t many main dishes. It doesn’t matter because they have THE DISH. It’s a tasty farm chicken roasted on the barbecue. Definitely, you should try it! I love it!! When I went the first time it surprised me a strange habit in the restaurant: there are peanuts (all you can eat) over the tables, but don’t leave the nut shells on the table! You have to throw them to the floor! If you don’t do it, then the waiter will do it.

The restaurant is crowded on Fridays and weekends in the afternoon, so maybe you need to wait unless you make a reservation through its website in advance. The best time to go is lunch time because there are fewer people. Ah! I forgot one thing, they have their own draft beers which you can serve yourself on some tables (since they have taps).

Official website: Bierfabriek Amsterdam
Link to the Menu: Bierfabriek Amsterdam – Menu

Bierfabriek Amsterdam


This restaurant goes unnoticed because it’s located on the same street as the Albert Cuyp market. It’s difficult to see if you aren’t looking for it, because of the market stalls. You can eat delicious Moroccan, Mediterranean and Turkish food, and you can choose between many dishes. Keep in mind that some dishes are only available from 16.30 pm. The restaurant is spacious, has a beautiful decoration and the price is low (yet being the main dishes big). A good choice can be the Large Lunch for two people, this way you can try several things if you’ve never eaten that kind of food.

Official website: Restaurant Bazar Amsterdam
Link to the Menu (several languages): Restaurant Bazar Amsterdam – Menu


Another great place to have lunch or dinner. There are two locations in Amsterdam, one of them near the Central Station and the second one at Kinkerstraat (west of Amsterdam). It’s a cosy and cheap restaurant with a terrace. The main ingredient is the potato, tasty baked potatoes, also called jackets. You can choose the size (half or whole potato) and also the filling. There are many types of fillings: meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan. Besides, you can add extras like sauces, cheese, etc. Any option is good, I’ve tried several and all of them were delicious.

Official website: Jacketz
Link to the Menu: Jacketz – Menu


This is not exactly a restaurant; it is a big enclosed area with many stands of food: the first indoor food market in The Netherlands. It’s located near the previous restaurant (west area).
If you want to eat Indian food then go there, if you prefer Mexican also go there, or maybe your friends want pizza, no problem! Go there! Each person can choose between several kinds of food! There is Dutch, Mediterranean, Indian, Vietnamese, Italian, Turkish, Mexican, Japanese food… If you’re still hungry after the meal, try the waffles or pancakes 😉. Some extra information: the tables are shared, so you can seat in any available chair. Besides, there is live music on Friday, Saturday and Tuesday. That sounds like a great place to go on the weekend!
On the website, you can see all the stands and more information about the live music and opening times.

Official website: Foodhallen

FoodHallen Amsterdam

Made With Love By Tagore

My last discovery! The best Indian food I have ever tasted. It’s 500 metres from Rembrandtplein, a small and cosy restaurant with a nice waitress. Don’t worry about the spicy food, there are mild dishes, hot dishes and you can also ask for your custom version of spicy. My preferred dish is the Murg Tikka (tandoori grill), and the samosa starter is also very tasty.
Obviously, there is vegetarian food since more than half of the Indian population is vegetarian. The vegan food is a good option as well. So, what are you waiting for?? Go there and try it!

Official website: MadeWithLove BY Tagore
Link to the Menu: MadeWithLove BY Tagore – Menu (in this menu there isn’t an option that I saw in the restaurant, you can order a special dish which includes 5 or 6 kinds of food, it’s like a tasting menu).

*All the pictures have been taken from the Internet (from official restaurant website, restaurant facebook page) except the Bierfabriek’ pictures which are mine (

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